A data-driven approach to endurance training

Join our team to improve your performance, breakthrough plateaus and increase the size of your aerobic engine!

What Makes Us Different?

All of our training sessions are based on data. You will undergo extensive testing to determine your current aerobic fitness which will allow you to train at the exact intensity and duration to improve your performance.

“If you can’t test it, you can’t improve it.”

Our goal is to target your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. During onboarding we will test your Anaerobic Power, Functional Lactate Threshold, Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Heart Rate to determine your training zones. This allows us to prescribe workouts and assign precise pacing specific to your needs.

Are You Training With Purpose?

Most athletes start a crossfit WOD, hop on their bike, jump in the pool or head out for a run without a predetermined pace, intensity or intention. This often leads to plateaus in training, increases their risk of injury and prevents them from reaching their full athletic potential. 

At Pure Endurance, we believe that data is vital to improving your aerobic capacity. We have developed a system that utilizes a variety of training metrics which individualizes each workout based on your current fitness level. We believe that understanding the science of endurance training is vital in helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals.

We all know that CrossFit consists of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. ⁠

If running is your weakness and your box only programs running two times per month you will never get better at running. ⁠

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Is swimming a weakness of yours? ⁠

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Training for the Open? ⁠

Will you be ready for a workout like 20.2?⁠

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:⁠
4 dumbbell thrusters⁠
6 toes-to-bars⁠
24 double-unders⁠

50-lb. dumbbells⁠

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Nasal breathing Workout:⁠

Why nasal breathing? In the simplest terms, if an athlete can tolerate more carbon dioxide they will be able to use oxygen more effectively throughout the body.⁠

If you read our blog post on the benefits of nasal breathing then checkout this workout! #buildyourengine⁠

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Who Misses In-person Competitions? ⁠

We Do!⁠


Is Your Cool Down as Important as Your Training Session? ⁠

The first step to a fast recovery after a long training session is a proper COOL DOWN! ⁠


Why cool down? ⁠

The cooldown is essential in down-regulating the nervous system. This allows the body to start the recovery process by activating our parasympathetic (rest and digest) nervous system and gradually reducing your heart rate. A proper cool-down promotes the removal of lactic acid and other metabolites from your muscles that can cause excessive tissue breakdown post-exercise and increased muscle soreness. If you recover faster and experience less delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), you can train harder the next day!⁠


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Stressed? Get out there and get active today! A long endurance workout is great stress reliever. #buildyourengine ...

Assault Bike Workout of the Week:⁠

Lactate Threshold Assault Bike⁠

4 Rounds of:⁠
40 Calories Assault Bike⁠

The first round should be a 8-9/10 effort which you should be yelling “Make it STOP” by the end of the 40 calories. Perform 2 minutes of an easy spin between each round. Your goal is to keep all rounds within 5 seconds of your first round. ⁠

Let us know how it goes! #buildyourengine

Looking for a good running warm-up? Check out our new blog on the best running warm-up for you!⁠

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Is swimming a weakness of ours? We know it isn't the best weather to swim but give this workout from our Beginner Swimming Program a try! ⁠

Warm up:⁠

3×50 (1 50 swim, 1 50 kick, 1 50 swim) Rest at least :30 between each or as needed⁠

Drill: 4×25 (distance per stroke) Rest at least :30 between each or as needed⁠

Main set:⁠
4×25 swim fast (rest :15 sec between each)⁠
Rest 1:00⁠
4×25 swim fast (rest :15 sec between each)⁠
Rest as needed⁠

swim 50 EASY⁠

Total distance: 500 yards⁠


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