A data-driven approach to endurance training

Join our team to improve your performance, breakthrough plateaus and increase the size of your aerobic engine!

What Makes Us Different?

All of our training sessions are based on data. You will undergo extensive testing to determine your current aerobic fitness which will allow you to train at the exact intensity and duration to improve your performance.

“If you can’t test it, you can’t improve it.”

Our goal is to target your weaknesses and enhance your strengths. During onboarding we will test your Anaerobic Power, Functional Lactate Threshold, Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and Heart Rate to determine your training zones. This allows us to prescribe workouts and assign precise pacing specific to your needs.

Are You Training With Purpose?

Most athletes start a crossfit WOD, hop on their bike, jump in the pool or head out for a run without a predetermined pace, intensity or intention. This often leads to plateaus in training, increases their risk of injury and prevents them from reaching their full athletic potential. 

At Pure Endurance, we believe that data is vital to improving your aerobic capacity. We have developed a system that utilizes a variety of training metrics which individualizes each workout based on your current fitness level. We believe that understanding the science of endurance training is vital in helping athletes of all levels achieve their goals.

Workout of the Week! ⁠

Don't want to run? Try this on an assault bike or concept2 bike!⁠

You won't regret giving this workout a try!⁠


Raise your hand if you are ready for the open!

We know all Pure Endurance members are ready for it!



Old Blog, new Tricks! ⁠

Take a look into the blog archives and see what an effective running warm-up looks like!⁠

You don't just go out for a 40 minute run. You need to warm up for it. ⁠

Link in bio to check out the blog!

Looking for a sign to take your fitness to the next level? Here it is.⁠

11 Benefits of an Aerobic Training Program:⁠

-Increases the efficiency of respiration⁠

-Improves blood volume, distribution, and delivery to ⁠

-Improves cardiovascular efficiency⁠

-Increases the stroke volume or the amount of blood pumped from the ventricle during each contraction of the heart⁠

-Increases cardiac output, or the volume of blood pumped by the heart each minute⁠

-Decreases resting heart rate⁠

-Improves the condition and efficiency of breathing muscles⁠

-Improves the body’s ability to use fat as an energy source⁠

-Improves body composition by decreasing body fat⁠

-Helps decrease the risk of developing coronary artery disease, cancer, and diabetes⁠

-Helps decrease anxiety and stress⁠


BikeErg: Aerobic Intervals ⁠

Try this BikeErg piece from our Open Prep Program!⁠

Don't have a BikeErg? Don't worry. We have an equipment-free option for every workout we program. ⁠

Equipment-Free Option:⁠

10k run @ +90-120 sec of 3k pace⁠


Who thinks Dumbbells are going to be in the Open this year??

The Open is less than a month away...will you be ready?


Most likely, your crossfit program is not enough to tackle the Open.⁠

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Improve your swim times with our beginner, intermediate, and advanced swim programs created by @amandajbarnhart ⁠


What Are Your Weaknesses? ⁠

If running is your weakness and your box only programs running two times per month you will never get better at running. This can be said for rowing, biking, and swimming as well. ⁠

If squatting is a weakness for you and you want a stronger squat, what do you do? You Squat on a specific program with specific reps and percentages!⁠

If you want to make your weaknesses your strengths you must specifically target them. It is hard to build your aerobic engine without following a program.⁠


Grab Some headphones, good music/podcast, some water, and give this long-endurance workout a try!⁠

Zone 2 HR: Light, 60 percent to 70 percent Effort⁠


Low on Motivation today?

Don't feel like working out today?

Think about how you feel after. Chances are you will thank yourself for doing it. Get it done.


The Open is One Month Away! ⁠

Will you be ready for a workout like 18.1? ⁠

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:⁠
8 toes-to-bars⁠
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks⁠
14-cal. row⁠

This year has been crazy and your training may have not looked the same but don't let that stop you from performing!⁠

Let us help you have the best Open you have ever had. #buuldyourengine

Congratulations to one of our athletes, Danielle Brandon for placing 2nd at @thefittestexperience this past weekend!⁠

#buildyourengine ⁠

Try this Open Prep Workout!⁠

Hurry, the Open starts March 11th. You have one month to get ready for it. ⁠

Will your engine be ready?⁠



Everyone deals with stress in their lives but not all stress is created equally! ⁠

Learn how stress can affect your workouts in our new blog! ⁠

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Looking for a swim program? Look no further.

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Saturday's are made for Long Runs. Get out and get moving today! #buildyourengine ...

For all the new followers who don't know about us we want you to get to know about our athletes/coaches!⁠
Get to know more about former division I collegiate swimmer, 2x CrossFit Games competitor, 2019 7th Fittest Woman on Earth, and Pure Endurance Athlete Amanda Barnhart! ⁠
Amanda is from Dayton, Ohio and is a Physical Therapist but is focusing on CrossFit full-time currently. ⁠
We asked Amanda a few questions to help you guys get to know her! Here are a few facts about Amanda for you: ⁠

- Favorite show: Grey's Anatomy⁠

- Weakness: Gymnastics⁠

- Strength: Power and Strength ⁠

- Years as a professional athlete: Two Years⁠

- When did you start with Pure Endurance: Fall 2018⁠

- Hardest part about our program: Making super tough intervals!⁠

-Most rewarding part: Seeing the hard work pay off in competition!⁠


Equipment Free Workout Option from our Open Prep Program!⁠

Try this out and see if your engine is ready for the Open. #buildyourengine

We all know that CrossFit consists of constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity. ⁠

If running is your weakness and your box only programs running two times per month you will never get better at running. ⁠

Click the link in bio to check out our new blog and learn more about SPECIFICITY! #buildyourengine⁠